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Why the news is not really News

We are in a strange place these days where the “News” is no longer really the news.  At least not in the traditional sense of News being unbiased, researched, factual. The problem started years ago but is really gaining momentum now. It seems to be a three headed monster creating a perfect storm of half … Continue reading

How to beat Palin for President

The good thing about Palin running for President is that a train wreck like her leaves a trail that is impossible to miss. Like a train you know where she comes from, the direction she is taking and where she is going. If the Obama team is smart they create 4 tactical group to focus … Continue reading

Hold onto your sanity Sarah Palin is Running for President

Click to see Sarah Palin video that tells anyone listening she is running for President

New Political Party

After the beating the Democrats took in this election and the general state of polarization and ineptitude in Congress maybe it is time to think about a new political party in the Democratic mold or at least a new wing of the Democratic party that is based on pragmatism. Lets for this discussion call it … Continue reading

Obama Takes Responsibility For Voter Frustration On Election Night

Obama Takes Responsibility For Voter Frustration On Election Night.

Do as I say, not as I do

  The Republicans set the building on fire, watched it burn, handed it to the Democrats to deal with and now complain about how much water was used to put the fire out, that the floor is wet and the building is in disrepair. It would have been better to let banks, cars and Fannie … Continue reading

All you need to do

Is look at the cover of today’s NYT vs the cover of the WSJ. NYT banner headline about Supreme Court Decision to allow corporations to spend with no limit or controls saying that democracy could be totally changed and a big article about Obama taking on the  banks risk taking and their should be regulation. … Continue reading

Jan 21st 2010 the day democracy changed

Amid the buzz of the election in Mass today something dramatic happened in the Supreme Court that might fundamentally change the United States and how government works.  and of course it benefits the Right. The Supreme Court said that now corporations can donate as much money as they want to a politician with no limit. … Continue reading

Obamas big mistake

Obama made one big mistake over the last year. He acted like a big pussy. He needs to man up, assign blame where it belongs and start fixing unemployment.  Everything else will fall into place.

The playbook

I now see that the republican Playbook consists of the following: Screw up the country for 8-12 years Lose all elections Democrat comes into office as all hell breaks loose Stonewall all democrats ideas and efforts to correct Blame the Democrat for all troubles that actually were created or exacerbated by republicans Win elections back … Continue reading